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Caral is the second oldest Civilization in the world, it is contemporary with the pyramids of Egypt and it’s located in the middle of mountains 190 km north of Lima. Caral also, is the oldest civilization in America and has an approximate age of 5,000 years.

Together with Caral, 19 settlements of the same period have been identified, along a 40 km stretch passing through Supe`s areas of coast, low valley, and middle valley. At each of these archaeological sites there are public buildings with sunken circular plazas, as well as domestic units. Of them all, the Sacred City of Caral is the center where we find a well-organized use of space and the greatest architectural complexity, features that position it as the most outstanding of all the urban settlements identified in Peru dating back to the Late Archaic period (3000 – 1800 B.C.).

The Sacred City of Caral spreads over 66 hectares, with two clearly distinguished zones: one nuclear area and the other marginal. In the nuclear area, the buildings are distributed over two halves, upper and lower. The upper half houses, the city’s largest public constructions and residences: seven monumental buildings, two circular sunken plazas, residential units of the high-ranking oficial. The lower half has smaller buildings, such as the architectural complex of the Amphitheater, the building of the round altar, and a residential group, also smaller than the one in the upper half.

Tour Details:

o Small Group service: minimun 3 pax
o Departures: mon – wed - fri
o Start: 6:05 am
o Finish: 6:30 pm
o Distance: 182 Kms North Lima
o Difficulty level: Leve
o Altitude: 359 masl
o Coordinates: -10.892775, -77.523201

Our service includes:

o Official Guide & Bilingual service Spanish – English.
o Pick up from hotels.
o Entrance tickets to museums and attractions.
o Turistic Lunch at Bolívar restaurant – Huacho. (vegetarian lunch option).
o Tourist transport with professional driver, GPS tracking and wifi on board.
o Maximum speed transfer 90 km/h.


o Wear light clothing, sunglasses, hat and sneakers.
o Use 40 ° sun block.

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